Transformation Tuesday: Sarah Donovan

Transformation Tuesday: Sarah Donovan 0

1. When did you join Sculpt DC?  February 2013. I was pretty much beating down the door at the grand opening! 2. Did you join primarily for cycle, yoga or both? Both – I couldn’t believe my luck that the combination of these two class types were going to be across the street from my office. 3. What […]

Transformation Tuesday: Jessie Adams

Transformation Tuesday: Jessie Adams 0

1. When did you join Sculpt DC? I joined Sculpt DC in January 2016. 2. What made you decide to try more yoga? Yoga has always been an interest of mine, but I’ve always found it intimidating. As soon as I understood the mantra, “Where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be,” something just clicked. Some […]

Transformation Tuesday: Bill Rose

Transformation Tuesday: Bill Rose 0

1. When did you join Sculpt DC? I joined Sculpt DC in March 2015. 2. Why did you decide to practice yoga? Why did you decide to stay? I was getting a little bored with my usual workouts (mainly swimming and strength training) and also felt like I badly needed a boost in flexibility and […]

Sculpt your Summer with Summer Camp

Sculpt your Summer with Summer Camp 0

In April we hosted Resolution Reboot- a 30 day fitness challenge to take as many classes as we could to get in shape for summer and the results were phenomenal! This July we will host a similar challenge: Sculpt DC Summer Camp! An opportunity to stay fit during peak barbeque season, try recently added classes, […]

Memorial Day Motivation

Memorial Day Motivation 0

With a long weekend ahead full of barbecue, beer and mandatory pool time activities it’s tough to hit the gym.  Check out Ana L’s latest blog post on how her time at Sculpt DC keeps her motivated and coming back for more! See you in the studio! Resolution Reboot Part 2! By Ana L As a […]